Escort girl in Antwerp
07 Feb 2021

I want you to think of everything that makes you feel a fire in your chest. The things that make your breath hitch and your pulse race. Seeing the world, soothing that ache of wanderlust. I yearn to see all the beautiful sites this planet has to offer, and I want to see them with you.

Long jet black hair that tumbles down to my mid-back, soft and luxurious escort in Antwerp. The click of sleek stilettos as I join you on a balcony overlooking a tropical paradise, gazing up with almond eyes that pierce into your very core.

A soft smile from velvety lips, and a gentle caress from a delicate hand. We turn to watch the sunset, the warm light illuminating my smooth toffee skin. Picture me with you, exploring the world. I am in your dreams, and you are in mine.